Pediatric Dentistry

It is recommended that children have a dental exam approximately six months after the eruption of their first tooth.

Children should brush their teeth 2 times per day: once in the morning and again before bed after supper.

Children under 3 years of age can start with training toothpaste without fluoride. From 3 years, a toothpaste with fluoride should be introduced as the child can rinse and spit effectively.

Yes! Children should floss just as much as an adult: everyday, once a day at minimum.

Children can see an orthodontist as early as 7-8 years old for oral assessment. The dentist will recommend a good time for a consultation with an orthodontist. Arrow Dental has professional pediatric dentists in Nairobi that provide high quality oral health care to children and teenagers.

General Dentistry

A comprehensive oral exam is key to evaluating and diagnosing all conditions of the oral cavity. A patient exam includes x-rays and a panoramic radiograph in addition to photographs. The dentist will then discuss all the findings and show the patient the results of the oral assessment.

A filling is a dental procedure which involves removing tooth decay and placing a restoration or filling to restore and replace the missing tooth structure. The filling is contoured to ensure proper function and esthetics of the tooth for integration into the existing dentition. The dentist will utilize the appropriate and indicated local anesthetic to ensure comfort during the procedure.

A root canal is a dental treatment procedure used to remove infected or injured nerve tissue from a tooth. Some conditions that require this procedure include deep fillings, severe tooth decay, cracked tooth or trauma to a tooth. At Afya De the dentist will anesthetize the affected tooth and surrounding tissues to ensure comfort during the root canal procedure.

A crown is a covering put to protect the tooth after major treatment procedures such as large fillings and root canals. A crown also serves to protect the tooth from further fracture if a tooth has cracked.

Tooth whitening is a dental procedure which involves lightening the color of tooth structure by placing solution onto the tooth. Most tooth stains and discoloration can be removed with whitening. This can be done in a dental clinic or at home with particular whitening products.

Occasional teeth whitening is not usually problematic. However, if used too frequently, it can damage the enamel or the root structure of the teeth. Our dentists will suggest the appropriate whitening schedule to ensure better results.

An implant is a titanium post, similar to the root of a tooth that is surgically placed into the jawbone to support the crown replacing a tooth or a bridge/denture replacing several teeth.

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